Sunday, August 31, 2014

Instagram: How to get more followers?

Instagram is one of the most popular social photo sharing platform in the world at them moment. It was acquired by Facebook for approximately US$1 billion in cash and stock. Since then its popularity was still growing and now passes Instagram 200 million monthly active users.

So if you struggling with the followers when Justin Bieber has more 20 million followers you should start to worry about that. Jk. There is easy way to improve your Instagram with few simple ideas.

First of all find your niche. Some people don't have fancy life style and can't post amazing photos from parties as Dan Bilzerian. And you don't have to change that. Many people just post in what they interested. It can be anything what drives you crazy. 

For good looking girls is quite easy. Just post your photos while you are well dressed,, or undressed and you will find your niche. While others would have to mind about other things. Some my friends are just taking photos of interesting city place. And guess what, more and more people are following him. 

He just going through city and if finds something interesting, for example some fancy graffiti just take photo of it and add hashtag, which would connect that photo with that city, place or situation.

Hashtags. Talking about them, it's really important thing, if you want to connect with the people you don't know personally. In my own experience, just by putting the hashtag of the festival where I was at that moment name over the 24 hours I got 4-5 followers. It's a small number, but imagine that how many more you could get if you will constantly will repeat that day after day.

Oh, I forgot you to tell the easiest way to bring followers. It just to share your Instagram account on your Facebook, Twitter or other social network. Regularly post your Insta photos on your Facebook wall and that will attract your Facebook friends to follow you on other platform. 

I also forgot about the most elementary thing - try make considerably quality photos. Read some reviews how to make great photo with our iPhone and practice, practice and one more time practice to do that. As more photos you will make, the more professional them will be in the future.

Of course, there some other ways to get followers. You can buy them from various sites. But why to spend money on that? The more easy way is just put some work to it and feel you have made something.